About CORE

Photo by: Paul M Bowers

The genesis of the nickname "Crawdaddy" is a combination of my last name, Crawford, and the fact that I am a father of 4 children. Crawford + 4 kids = Crawdaddy!

We've ridden/camped together with friends/family in the deserts/mountains of Southern California for years. Then, as the kids grew older, I began leading dual-sport rides all over the west. The dual-sport ride numbers kept building over the years in terms of riders/locations and I kept being asked the same question, "Why don't you take it to the next level and start a club focused on GPS training/off-road adventure?".

I have decided to act on those urgings by forming Crawdad Off-Road Events (CORE). I'm looking forward to sharing fundamental GPS tips/tricks and continuing to share some of my favorite riding areas with the dual-sport community at large. CORE will also continue to host some off-road "family" events for non street plated/street licensed riders of bikes/quads/buggies. Let's Ride!

Mission Statement:

Enhance the experience of new and established off-road enthusiasts by promoting FREE/fundamental off-road GPS training for all. Provide opportunities for "wheels on" GPS training via CORE club rides/tours. Let's Ride!

Chris 'Crawdaddy' Crawford

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